Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Legacy


To be a Masters of the Universe fan in this day and age is truly exciting because never before has the story of the characters been so complete. Upon reading the biographies from the Masters of the Universe Classics adult collector line, a flood of nostalgia washed over me; thus, a renewal in my beloved childhood heroes was  born. Throughout my life, I had always been searching for that feel-good link to my past, which He-Man and She-Ra provided. My original memories seem to catalogue more Princess of Power episodes than that of the Masters, however, a brief Saturday morning ritual of obsessively going to a local video store and renting the old VHS tapes in the mid-90's returned much that was missing. Then, I discovered the Internet, and the hunt to own every episode from both series began (this was prior to the popularity of DVD! Yes, up until the early years of the new millennium, people clung to the dinosaur that became the VCR). Eventually, a website was found, and after a few hundred dollars spent, I achieved my goal. In the meantime, I compulsively frequented the much missed He-Man and She-Ra Episode Review Website presented by James "Busta Toons" Eatock and Zadoc Angell, which inspired me to create title cards for my own fan-fiction! I would also continue to be inspired by the amazing art work of the fans, like Emiliano's "Homecoming," as well as superb fan-fiction, such as "The Return of Shokoti," which is probably the best fic I ever read! Then, came the 2002 Mike Young Pictures reboot, the comics, the DVDs, and the rest is history...

Behind the Scenes

Due to the fact that I lack the ability to create pictures using images, I am still an artist at heart shaping worlds with words, and I had always longed to tell my own Masters of the Universe story. Seeing as I classify myself as a huge fan of science fiction geekdom, I cling to series like the X-MenHercules, Xena, Buffy, Angel, and most recently, Supernatural. I kept watching these programs over and over again, and always found myself comparing them to He-Man and She-Ra because outside the business aspect of the properties, the superb storytelling and compelling characters were ultimately the reason behind the success as well as its ability to transcend into future generations. From that need, which the 2002 Mike Young Productions reboot proved possible, the Masters of the Universe: Legacies fan-fiction canon was born!

The Story

Masters of the Universe: Legacies is a multi-volume, episodic work that begins two years after the Horde's siege upon Eternia. The faith of the Eternian people, in their governing bodies, has greatly depreciated between having to live through a series of endless invasions upon their world, by the hands of Skeletor, King Hiss, and now, Hordak. As an unexplainable event takes place on Etheria, the Rebels are forced to flee their world, and come to Eternia. Now, He-Man and She-Ra, alongside a new team of Masters, must not only battle the threats of Eternia, but find a way to free Etheria as well.

The Mythology

The mythology of the Legacies storyline is an almost exact replica of the one all fans are familiar with... Queen Marlena is from Earth; Teela, unbeknownst to herself, is the daughter of the Sorceress; Adora is Adam's twin sister, who was abducted at birth, and raised by The Evil Horde, etc.

The Continuity

The continuity behind the Legacies storyline is basically an amalgamation of all the series' previous efforts, which at the same time is also creating its own universe. I have no desire to re-introduce every single character or to retell the classics such as "Teela's Quest," or The Secret of the Sword. Previous events mentioned throughout the canon will be noted as well as any creative liberties taken.

Thematic Elements

Legacies will explore several key themes throughout the arc of volume one, including what it means to be a hero, the loss of innocence, the importance of faith, and lastly, a thorough examination into the idea of inheriting the wars of our fathers.

A Note to the Reader

I hope you enjoy the stories I will be telling. Please note, I do not think I am the greatest writer or storyteller in the world. Remember, this is just for fun!

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