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Brave New Eternia or Etherian Epitaphs - Act Two

Vol. 1, Episode #1

Act Two

            Presently, the Royal Palace, though whole is anything but stirring, as the anxious calm has settled into the hearts of its people, including the King and Queen. Standing side by side, hands interlocked, awaiting the setting of the sun upon their balcony Randor beseeched the Queen who was too still, “Does something trouble you, my dear.”
            “I just have a bad feeling.”
            “No, but I do wish she were home with us. I rest easier when I know Adam is by her side aiding in her great cause, or when we are all together. You should be more proud of him, Randor.”
            “It’s hard to believe that our son, Adam, has the ambition to fight, and when I’ve asked him of the threats he and Adora have faced, he quickly changes the subject or mentions He-Man. I doubt he even ventures any further than the nearest pond.”
            “My son is no liar, and did you ever think it was because of your disbelief in him that he does risk his life to help his sister,” the Queen said in earnest.
            “Adam has nothing to prove to me. Some men are just not destined to take up the sword, and I have accepted that of him. I pray his kind heart will be enough to rule Eternia after I am gone. Does this help your bad feeling?”
            “My concern is not for our children, or your narrow perception of them. Something just doesn’t rest well with me. Things seem too quiet.”
            “I never knew quiet to be an awful thing.”
            “It’s a different kind of quiet, like the calm before the storm.”
            “We’ve weathered many storms in the past, and what will make this one any different?”
             “Ever since those towers rose out of the ground, everything’s different. We got our daughter back; you rescued your father… Perhaps I am being paranoid from too many blessings, and not enough curses,” the Queen retreated.
            “Blessings? Adora is lost to us as an infant, returns as a woman, but is forced to leave to fight the wars of her Eternian forefathers on a distant planet, and my father, who informed me that he is no longer ‘King’ just Miro, spends more time outside the palace walls, then in. The only blessing is that they are both safe and sound for now, but sometimes it feels like both of them never really came home at all,” the King eulogized. “Haven’t we earned this different quiet?”
            The King and Queen looked on in unrequited gratitude, as the Captain of the Royal Guard, Teela, treaded in hot pursuit of her father, Duncan. “So that’s just it…” Teela fired off with a fury more scorching then her flame-like hair. Duncan did not reply, and kept moving. “Father. FATHER! Are you going to ignore me?”
            “Teela, what more do you want from me?” Duncan answered in a hush lull.
            “I want my father back! I’ve allowed you to mope and mourn for almost two years now, but life must go on.”
            “When did I leave?” he regurgitated sardonically.
            “About two years ago,” she fired back. When Duncan did not offer another rebuttal, Teela blasted off into what she thought would be encouraging words: “You always taught me to never give up, to keep fighting, and because of those values you believed in and instilled in me, I am respected as Captain of the Royal Guard, but you’re one of the most respected men throughout the entire planet. So why now do you want to give up, and throw it all away?”
            “Teela, I am tired. Do you know how long I’ve been fighting? I thought The Great Unrest would be the last, and that was before you were even born. Then, I raised you, and although they were the happiest times of my life, some days, another war would’ve been easier. Then, it was Skeletor, then Hiss, who turned me into a snake man not once but twice. Oh and then, Hordak decides to invade Eternia again, and makes his previous predecessor’s efforts look like that of an amateur.”
            “And…” Teela added with sarcasm rolling off her tongue.
            “And this conversation is finished!” Man-At-Arms returned.
            “Father, you lost the use of your legs, but not the use of your life,” Teela screamed, as Man-At-Arms moved his arms faster to manipulate the wheels that supported him. The Captain of the Royal Guard covered her face, forcing tears to retreat, as the King and Queen approached her. Startled, Teela quickly returned to her post. “Is something the matter your majesties?”
            “We were about to ask you that same question,” King Randor replied.
            “It’s just my father. I…” The Queen wrapped her arm around Teela maternally, as the brave warrior woman finished. “I miss him.”
            “We all do, child, but we must be patient with him,” the Queen spoke.
            “I guess I never realized how much I needed him in my life, and then I realized I almost lost him… I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the thought of a world without him. I also never realized how hard this job truly is without him guiding me.”
            “Your father is probably the greatest man I have ever known, and I understand what you mean. I would not want to be king without him as my Man-At-Arms,” Randor said.
            “Perhaps it is time we all learn to rely on our own strengths,” Marlena interjected, but Teela acted as if she never even spoke.
              “He’s not even building new machines anymore. Father lived in his workshop, and I don’t think he’s even crossed its threshold since the accident. I caught Adam in there the other day working on a Windraider.”
            “Adam?” the King questioned, which the Queen returned with a shot from her eyes and a gentle smirk.
            “Yes! Adam,” the Captain replied just as anxious and questionable. “When Adam’s not too busy spending all of his time on Etheria…”
            “Is there a problem with that?” the Queen interjected.
            “No your majesty, but Adam is the closest thing I have to family next to you two, and I worry about him. He’s not a warrior, and if something ever happened to him…”
            “Adam is more resilient than any of you give him credit for,” Marlena defended.
            “Lucky, you mean,” Randor juxtaposed.
            “Regardless, Adam seems to be the only one that can reach him, but morale has been low within our ranks for some time your majesties. The Horde’s siege upon Eternia depleted the faith the people had in our governing body. It seems like once a week one of my guards go AWOL, and father’s reluctance to even repair any of the damaged vehicles is just an added stress. At this rate, we will be lucky to survive a Skeletor attack,” Teela concluded.
            “Do you two even hear yourselves? Trust in the heart of the Eternian, Captain, there are other brave warriors willing to take up the mantle of Master, we just have to find them,” the Queen said. “As for your father, imagine losing what he lost as well as the guilt he must be feeling? If time and patience were a sword and staff, then you would be the Master, Teela. Now is the time to offer your shoulder…”
            “Marlena’s right, Teela,” the King replied.
            “I will try, my Queen,” Teela conceded. “I just hope your both right for all of our sakes, and then may be our losses will not have been in vain,” Teela uttered, as she gazed upon marble renderings of both Ram Man and Mekaneck, which stood proud along the shore on the outskirts of the palace. The inscriptions chiseled in the base of the statues told of their heroic sacrifices in combat. Ram Man’s bore a golden plate that said, “Loyalty,” and Mekaneck’s read, “Proud Father.”
            Elsewhere, if a storm cloud were to burst at any moment, then the first signs of rain, wind, and lightning would be produced within the throne room of Snake Mountain. The caverness walls were dark, but glowed in a yellowish-red tint that the light from the internal lava beds cast. The stench of dried blood and defeat riddled the air, as the Overlord of Evil himself buried his foot in every step that lead from his seat to the ground. The pale blue, claw-like hoof remained in sync with his Havoc Staff; a dreaded monument that coveted a hauntingly hollowed ram’s head. Perturbed by an intrusion just behind the bone-layered door that opened up to his main chamber, Skeletor waited for the disturbance to burst through.
The old, dwarf-like man ran closer and closer, but his short legs only took him so far. In the distance, a shadowy figure revealed itself in flashes of indigo and violet. The elongated crystal ball staff continued to glow, but the decrepit old man could not outrun the projectile bursts that escaped the glass. “You wretched little worm, I will eviscerate you before that tongue of yours is given the chance to wiggle,” the mistress of the night threatened. The midget knew better than to turn around, but his lust for the crimson-jeweled medallion the witch held in her hand reflected a glare into his eye. The dark sorceress giggled tritely, as the impulse of instinct forced her hand.
            Let that which you covet,
            Fill you once again--
            Until the power is gone
            And you’ve come to the end…
The amulet began to release all of its energy into the motely midget, which forced him to grow large, then shrink and then grow large again. His body went through several cycles of this transformation that forced him to burst through Skeletor’s doors, but when the talisman shattered, the process ceased. Catching his breath, the dwarf exhaustedly uttered, “Traitor,” and then, imploded leaving his entrails as trophies plastered to the wall.
“Dear Evil-Lyn, care to explain why it will take a week to get Count Marzo out of the carpet?” Skeletor inquired.
“He didn’t like my nails,” Evil-Lyn retorted condescendingly. As the witch drew closer to her master, a crimson flash passed through both of them until their eyes were illuminated in the same hue. Evil-Lyn shrieked in horror, as her worst fears became tangible. The vision revealed her at the cliffs that surround Castle Grayskull, as night slowly fell and the moons were aligned. The witch had forced four stalactites to curve inwards, as they sprung forth from the ground. Bound to the stone teeth were four individuals in the wrong place at the wrong time. The first of the litter was a pale blue skinned wizard with a coned-shaped head, large feet, and beady eyes. His accomplice was a light green skinned witch who adorned a wave of florescent hair that matched her exterior. The next in line was a meek, mild mannered Trollan whose hat over-lapped around his ears like that of an Earth air force pilot. The last of the four was Marzo, trapped in his peasant form. “You were right Marzo, a magician like me should know her place…and that is in a seat of ultimate power!” Evil-Lyn spat.
“Kill me if you desire, but I will not be a part of unleashing Hordak upon this planet again. Eternia is mine to rule, and mine alone,” the impish gnome spat in a high-pitched squeal.
“Eternia is mine, you putrid little pip,” the pale blue skinned wizard rattled.
“Eternia belongs to me, Azrog,” the witch spoke.  
              “Does the Trollan care to partake in this ridiculous chortling?” Evil-Lyn said despondently.
            “I have nothing to say to any of you except that you’ll all be sorry when Orko, the Great arrives,” the Trollan cried.
            “If the jester is your savior, then the joke truly is upon you,” the witch uttered wickedly. “Speaking of fools, Marzo, I regret to inform you that you were gravely mistaken when you cast the last spell to free Hordak at the Well of Darkness. Ancient Zalesian texts have revealed to me what legend could not. Hordak and his minions fell shortly after The Ultimate Battleground, and the vortex that sent them to Despondos left its mark on the planet surrounding Castle Grayskull. This is where King Grayskull placed the lock upon the interdimensional door, and this is the only place that the barrier can be shattered.”
            “Good luck getting the magic up and running to start the spell,” Marzo snarkily whispered.
            “You irritating imp, I don’t need your body just your power.”
            “Evil-Lyn, I beg of you not to cast the spell. If Hordak invades again, he will enslave us all, including you too,” the green-haired witch pleaded.
            “You were always a slave, Spydra. You just couldn’t see the chains. To think you actually believed Azrog’s love for you is what brought him here. The heart is a traitor, Spydra.” The witch then continued on with her plan, “None of this matters because I’ll be long gone after the gate is opened.”
            “Don’t you want to pledge your allegiance to Hordak, as you have Skeletor?” Azrog postulated.
            “The only allegiance I will be pledging is to myself. Releasing the Horde will trigger a four-way war between them, the Masters, the Evil Warriors, and the Snake Men. When the smoke has cleared, and all the forces have either exhausted their resources and/or destroyed themselves, I alone will rise up and seize the planet.”
            “Will there even be a planet left after all that?” the Trollan questioned.  
“If not I will just be forced to redecorate. Unfortunately, you won’t be around to see it,” and with that Evil-Lyn withdrew a dagger from her belt, and proceeded to cut each of her prisoners until the dirt hole in the center of the pillars was filled. As her victims moaned and cried out in pain, the witch removed herself from the middle of the sacrifice, and used her talents of the magic to break off the piece of land that held her captives into a floating rock between herself and the castle. Utilizing the embodiment of Marzo’s power in his amulet, Evil-Lyn herself began to levitate off the ground and chant the incantation: “Despondos… Despondos… Despondos…” The blood in the center began to boil, as the witch aimed the talisman at her subjects, releasing a blast of sanguine energy that forced them to join in the rant. The floating rock shrine began to circle the castle, and as the magicians fell one by one, Evil-Lyn looked on as the air of Despondos began to fill the atmosphere. A red laser gate began to unravel like a spider’s web, as the rocks shattered, and the darkness consumed them all, but one…
“So that’s why you’ve been tracking Marzo for months, and unfortunately, you both failed,” Skeletor screamed, as the vision faded, and he released an enormous burst of yellow energy that sent the witch deep into the side of the mountain. “How ironic that the same amulet that saved him from being sacrificed to Hordak would also be his undoing.” Skeletor sank his heel into Evil-Lyn’s back when she tried to move, as he continued his tirade. “And I suppose the capture of Azrog and Spydra had nothing to do with my plans to utilize their talents for a new Council of Evil?”  The Overlord sank deeper when the witch presented a slight struggle. “Oh, and pity about the Trollan,” Skeletor concluded, as he burst into a mad-fit of laughter. “Montork should trust the task of transporting convicted criminals across the universe to a more experienced officer. Speaking of experience in failure…”
The ground of the throne room began to rumble and shake, as the stone snake carving that descended from Skeletor’s seat of power came to life; first by releasing itself from the mountain, and then by opening its jaws. The dark figure grew closer and closer until it materialized from the serpent’s mouth. “Ahhh, if it isn’t my loyal partner, the noble King Hiss,” Skeletor spat with blinding sarcasm.
“What is disturbing my throne room? The mountain revealed that your witch was chasing after an imp, but I don’t see the Widget anywhere,” King Hiss dictated, as his eyes grew red and his scales appeared freshly polished.
“Your throne room?” Skeletor began, but quickly avoided a conflict. “It appears Marzo’s dying wish was to reveal that Evil-Lyn is the one responsible for Hordak’s second coming.”
“Traitorous, treacherous witch, I will enjoy devouring you, and sucking the marrow from your bones,” the snake King decreed, as he shed his human form, unveiling a snake head as well as four serpent tendrils in place of his arms.
“Ah-ha, let us not to be hasty in deciding the defectors end game,” the Overlord interjected.
“Hordak cost me the war and the crown of Eternia centuries ago when we constructed those ridiculous towers. A slow, painful, torture-filled death is the only sentence that could begin to do justice for allowing my ancient enemy re-entry.”
“As much as I would love to bear witness to such an event, Evil-Lyn’s destruction will put a hindrance upon our plan, which has been approximately two years in the making.”
“Yes, but can we trust her to help lead our troops?” Hiss inquired, as he silenced his primal form and returned to that of a human male.
“Evil-Lyn will take the front of the line with us following closely in the back; thus, putting her between our forces and that of those meddling Masters. She will have nowhere to flee, and if she tries I will gladly help you floss all five sets of your teeth with her helmet.”
“Agreed. Now is the only time that a full-scale assault on Grayskull will bring us victory, and after two years of attacks and raids that have drained Eternian’s of their faith in the governing body of Randor, failure is incalculable.”
“The vehicles Man-At-Arms built for you during his tenure here will be a testament to our greatness as well as the dissolution of the so-called Masters of the Universe.”
“Remember our bargain, Skeletor. After the conquest of Grayskull, and the annihilation of the Horde Empire, you will use its power to get me off of this accursed rock. The Nameless One has abandoned me, I tire of Eternia and I no longer wish to reside on a world with Elders, Cosmic Enforcers, and even worse He-Men. Plus, you have perverted my home.”
“How could I ever forget?” Skeletor concluded with a massive grin that exposed his fangs.
Millions of miles and light years away, the magical planet Etheria lies shrouded in the darkness that is the dimension of Despondos, which continues to be devastated by the ambitions and war machines of an empire that is as mystic as it is mechanistic. Night has fallen upon the lush forest known as the Whispering Woods that is blanketed in hues of teal and violet, but the trees beauty remains shadowed by the onslaught of glistening metallic surrounded by a red symbol resembling that of a bat. The robots, devoid of emotion and feeling, operate strictly off an instinct that is pure malice, and their current raid on Castle Bright Moon is no exception. The kingdom remains one of the few that were liberated from the tyrannical compass of their leader who awaits the final call of victory, at the army’s secret base, which is beneath the surface of the planet’s second moon. “Is everything in place?” the shadowy figure demanded.
“Yes, mighty Hordak! The gate makers are all in alignment with the three main rebel kingdoms. Once Shadow Weaver begins the spell, the shards of the Moonstone will activate the machines, not only creating a dimensional door for our troops, but also causing an eclipse that will weaken Queen Angella,” the missed-shapen, red figure spoke resembling that of a devil with four legs and two heads.
“Our troops?” Hordak commented. “If your machines fail me again, Modulok, I will personally sever all of your limbs and serve them on a silver platter to the Snake Men.” Hordak used his talents of the magic to open a window of communication between him and his head witch who was stationed in her hollowed-out, centipede fortress known as Horror Hall. “Have the first wave of troops, Destructo Tanks, and Batmex been deployed?”
“Yes, great one. The Force Captain marches upon Bright Moon, whilst other forces descend upon the rest of the Rebel kingdoms, as we speak,” the smoky-voiced figure, cloaked in crimson spoke. “The spell will be cast after the first wave has completed their attacks,” her beady-yellow eyes flashed in excitement, and as the window faded Hordak’s eyes glowed too.
Inside the golden walls of Castle Bright Moon, the royal family discussed the intruders at their door. “Mother, will the moons’ power be enough?” the purpled haired princess beckoned.
“Have faith, daughter. Although the Moonstone has been stolen, the moons should sustain the castle’s defenses, but it is moments like this that are why The Great Rebellion exists. Hordak can take many things away from us, but there’s something he can never imprison or destroy,” Queen Angella uttered, as her gorgeous blonde locks complemented her crystalline blue eyes.
“What’s that?”
“Hope, Glimmer. Hope.”
“Bow and She-Ra are heading the front line…” Glimmer exclaimed.
“Join them, my child, and be safe. No matter what happens this night, know that I love you and am very very proud of you,” the Queen sobbed a bit.
“Mother, don’t talk like that. We’ve always driven the Horde back, and tonight’s no different,” Glimmer concluded hastily, as she rose in the air with a silver light emanating around her being, and in a flash, she was by her friends’ side. Angella closed her eyes, and prayed for the end to be near.
Glimmer’s eyes glowed in a bright, silver light, as she levitated mid-air between Bow, the charming brown-haired master marksmen with a moustache, and She-Ra, the most powerful woman in the universe who’s flowing blonde mane, accented the golden-winged crown that adorned her head. Both She-Ra and Bow were mounted atop their respective steeds—Swift Wind, a magical, winged unicorn; and Arrow, a tanned-skin, exotic-looking mare. “Where’s Adora?” Glimmer questioned.
“Adora is back at camp with Madame Razz preparing another line of defense, and judging by the number of Hordesmen out there, we’re going to need it. We haven’t seen this many in a while,” Bow said, commenting on the landscape filled with Hordesmen.
“Perhaps Hordak has finally grown restless with trying to wipe us off the map using small-scale offensives, or…” She-Ra stated, with a taste of sarcasm rolling off her tongue.
“Could this be the final battle for Etheria’s freedom?” Bow exclaimed.
“Have you two been talking to my mother? You all sound ridiculous. Besides, my father would be here if this were the end,” Glimmer yammered.
“Glimmer, we haven’t heard from King Micah in sometime, but we’ve never given up hope that…” the warrior woman tried to explain, but the princess was quick to cut her off.
“That what?”
“That he would return. Please, don’t be so defensive, Glimmer. I know Micah’s your father, and I understand that you are worried about him, but he has taken the same risk we are about to take right now. We are all warriors—we choose our swords first and our hearts second. There’s a possibility that we might not walk away from this, but we keep fighting just like your father, your mother, and all the other Rebels on Etheria,” She-Ra concluded.
“Then, one way or another, we shall be reunited,” Glimmer stated, as her light energy magnified, causing her to rise higher.
The Etherian sky was suddenly filled by several Horde air-assault vehicles that rested in a triangular formation above the impending armies. The lead ship, which bore the effigy of the terrible leader himself, Hordak, descended the first of the five black jet sleds that displayed the red bat symbol. Black jet sleds began dropping out from the bottom of the other four ships, which were Batmex—robot planes that manifested themselves in the shape of the red Horde bat symbol. The Force Captain stood atop the first sled, clutching her handle bars, as the remainder of her Force Squad accompanied her. The red mask with green eyes began to glisten, high atop the dark blue stream of hair that held it, as the Captain began to speak, “The Mighty Hordak has decreed that this will be his one and only offering of mercy towards the outlaw Rebellion. Fail to surrender, and the only cell you will be occupying is a grave.”
“I hope they don’t surrender,” the scorpion lady with haunting green eyes inquired, who hovered to the front left of the Force Captain.
“Yes, please don’t disappoint us with such cowardice,” the green skinned slug-man slurped, who was behind the scorpion lady. The beast-like man on the opposite side of the slug, with hollow, yellow eyes did not speak, yet he began to growl and snarl.
“Sounds like Grizzlor wishes to taste Rebel blood, too,” the bizarre, bug-shaped man with red skin and protruding yellow eyes, who was to the right of the Force Captain, released haughtily.
“Scorpia, Leech, and Mantenna, SILENCE! I can’t hear the Rebel’s begging for their useless lives,” the Force Captain demanded.
She-Ra unsheathed her sword from her back, and raised it towards the onslaught that awaited her as well as the small band of villagers and farmers, which made up the ranks of the Great Rebellion. “We will never surrender to you, Catra, or your master, Hordak,” the most powerful woman in the universe uttered gallantly.
“I will enjoy scratching the eyes out of that pretty face, Princess of Power,” Catra threatened, as she released claw-like nails from her fingertips. The Force Squad began to snicker, as the feminine feline continued her rant. “Make these fugitives wish they had received our mercy. ATTACK!” The cat woman smiled darkly, as her army began to ravage the mild-mannered minions of the light. The Princess of Power came directly for her, and Catra happily withdrew her blade, as the two warriors abandoned their respective modes of transportation, clashing and crossing swords long after their feet hit the ground. Grizzlor leapt from his sled, ripping apart every Rebel that came in his path, as Mantenna merried in the mayhem, releasing multiple projectile blasts from his elongated corneas. Leech and Scorpia plowed through one victim after another, with the slug-man draining the energy from his prey, as the scorpion lady chopped through the Rebel’s pitch forks, swords, and sad wooden staffs with her claw-like hands. Bow and Glimmer quickly dispensed with what troops presented themselves, but as the Force Squad started to close in on She-Ra, the Rebel heroes came to the aid of their friend.
The Princess of Power and the jealous beauty, Catra, almost entered a stale mate, but She-Ra’s superior sword technique allowed her to find a hole in her opponent’s style. Catra’s blade escaped her hand, and as it circled above the air, the warrior woman caught the weapon—crossing both swords against her nemesis’ neck. “Concede, Catra. This is the only mercy I will offer you!” With her back to Scorpia, She-Ra did not notice the scorpion lady’s tail closing in, as its poison flooded the tip of the stinger, secreting a venomous liquid that burnt the ground it graced.
“She-Ra, look out,” Glimmer cried, as the most powerful woman in the universe dropped the blades, and quickly grabbed hold of the scorpion’s tail, shoving it into to the brown patch of fur that suddenly emerged behind her. Grizzlor fell beneath Scorpia’s sting, whilst a kneeling Catra cleverly slipped her cat mask over her eyes. The mask evoked a change in the villainess, transmogrifying her shell from that of a woman to a feral, purple panther, and as the green and white energy escaped her body, the cunning cat pounced onto She-Ra’s back, knocking her enemy to the ground. Glimmer, noticing Leech attempting to take advantage of her friend’s weakened state, manifested her light energy into that of a giant fist that sent the slug-man soaring.
Bow’s eyes fixated upon the panther, as the marksmen pulled back the tight string of his con-bow, with a spine-shattering arrow between his thumb, index, and middle fingers. From his retina’s, Bow noticed a sphere of yellow and black closing in on him, blocking his sight. When the brave, wonderful fool realized the distraction was coming from Mantenna, he knew he was too late. Preparing for the projectile, he closed his eyes, feeling the heat from the blast, but when he realized he was still standing, Bow noticed it was Mantenna on the ground, with Glimmer harnessing a light energy around him that acted as a shield. Nodding in gratitude, he returned the favor by releasing the arrow towards the slug-man, who was creeping behind Glimmer. The arrow did not fell the Hordemen, but its presence protruding out of his armor, allowed Glimmer enough time to form a purple staff with her magic that she used to flip her foe.
The Great Rebellion and the Horde each re-grouped their forces, but the outlaws were still outnumbered. The purple panther returned to its female form, retrieved her sword, and began to dish out orders. “Scorpia, fix that furry fool, and continue on to Mystacore. I will dispense with the rest of these Rebels.” Scorpia obeyed, plunging her tail back into Grizzlor, retrieving the poison that streaked through his veins. Upon completion, the two leapt back onto their jet sleds, and returned to the Batmex. “Ready for round two?” Catra inquired, staring down her enemies.
“Round two? Can I refill my quiver first?” Bow asked condescendingly.
“She-Ra, my light powers are fading. What are we going to do?” Glimmer postulated.
“The other Rebels were supposed to be here by now. Something must have happened to them, which means we have no choice. Bow, warn Queen Angella, and Glimmer, get into the woods until you recharge your powers a bit because we are going to need them. No evil will be able to touch you there, and I’ll do my best to hold them back. Swift Wind,” She-Ra commanded, as her magical flying steed swooped down to pick up the Princess of Power. Glimmer took to the sky, still encountering resistance from the herd of Horde Troopers, as Bow made his way for the castle. Running towards Bright Moon, Leech made one final attempt for the marksmen, but Bow was too fast and clever for the slug-man, pulling his last arrow from his opponent’s chest plate, as he climbed over him, kicking him in the back of his oblong head. Bow re-fired the dart to clip Mantenna in the neck, who was preparing to blast She-Ra out of the sky. The insidious insect’s beam struck down his own robot plane instead, which was firing at the most powerful woman in the universe.
As She-Ra took her sword of protection, and sliced down the middle of Catra’s ship, the Princess of Power noticed a figure emerge that heavily resembled the lead Horde witch, Shadow Weaver. The figure acted as though they were the only being residing on the battlefield, stretching out their arms, and revealing a fleshy green skin beneath the cloak. Long fingernails accompanied the arms, as they dug into the air, unveiling plumes of black smoke, whilst uttering an incantation.
            Stone of Moon,
            And Stone of Light—
            Shroud this world in darkness,
            And eternal night…
The three moons of Etheria began to shrink from the rising dark, as a massive red laser gate began untangling itself, releasing an even greater swarm of Hordesmen, yet the last sight the most powerful woman in the universe looked upon was a static barrier of the brightest light ever witnessed, passing through her.


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